How do I get the most out of Social Rewards

When we launched Social Rewards, we had one goal in mind: Make it easy for fans of businesses to share specials and earn points they can redeem at that location. But, we do know that it can be confusing when you use a new service. So, here is a quick run down of the steps to get the most out of Social Rewards:

  1. Choose the company which you want to promote. Not sure if your favorite company is on our program? Send them or us a tweet and ask! :)
  2. Sign up for their social rewards program to see everything you can earn and share!
  3. Tweet out either one of their messages or create your own and share it as often as you would like. Change up the messages so they don’t get boring.
  4. Take the link for Facebook and share it on there as well. You can post it to your wall or send it as messages.
  5. Email the link to your favorite offer to your friends, etc. so they have the chance to buy it.
  6. The more times you share, the more points that you get – and if anyone uses the code and buys the special, you earn even more points.
  7. Once you’ve earned enough points, click redeem! Then, you can enjoy the points you have earned with a hard earned treat.

What other questions do you have about how you can use Social Rewards?

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